Over Cyaankali

Ben je helemaal fashion-addicted, maar kan je budget niet mee? Dan is Cyaankali iets voor jou!

Een gezellige secondhandshop in Leuven met geselecteerde designerstuks van voorbije seizoen. Je kan er Belgische toppers als Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, A.F. Vandevorst, Sofie D’Hoore, Maison Martin Margiela … terugvinden, maar ook internationale klasse als Prada, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Balmain …

Wekelijks komen er nieuwe stuks binnen,
geregeld snuisteren is dus de boodschap!

The treasure hunt

My design process starts with a theme. The inspiration is something I see, feel or even a mood. This leads to drawing shapes, illustrations, silhouettes and looking for colors and prints. The fabrics I use are leftovers from te industry and second hand clothes. It's a real treasure hunt to find these pieces of fabric, so my design process takes time and the clothes that I make out of these treasures are unique and limited. I don't do seasons, I don't want to make a lot of clothes, I just want you to love and cherish them. Slow en conscious, that's what I like.

Do you like to know what you pay for? Below you can read a general overview of what determines the price of a product. 

  • Fabric: fabric, lining, ...

  • Small: buttons or other closures, brand label, hangtag.

  • Building cost: electricity, water, internet, maintenance of machines, costs for infrastructure.

  • Labor: design, pattern development, production of clothing.

  • Salary: what I pay myself (10 % total external cost = all of the above).

This makes the total.

  • Reseller price or true cost + VAT 21 %. (This is the price when shops or resellers buy the clothes for selling them in their shop.)

  • Selling price: true cost x 2.3 (this is the minimum a shop asks and needs to survive). In time, I also want to offer my clothing through other selling points. So when you buy an item in my shop I get a bigger percentage, that I use to cover the costs of packaging, transport, work supplies, start-up costs, accountancy, photoshoots, advertising ...

Every step of the process takes place in Belgium. From the search for fabrics till sewing on the last button. Grading of the patterns is carried out by Gradacom. The production of your garment is done by me or De Ateliers by De Welvaartkapoen in Molenbeek. And the labels are embroidered by me at MIA-H or by Elanco Confecties. Pure Made in Belgium.